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Chic Home Finishes is our answer to the lack of service plaguing our industry. Where smiles tend to be rare and time always seems rushed.  As builders and remodelers we found that our customers, as well as builders customers, were not able to make product selections with the latest products in a manor conducive to making ALL finish choices with ample time and selections in order to create each homeowners own ideal project.

Our system of design selection processes starts with items of heavy importance or substantial color and style and works toward completion similar to that of a funnel. As a project moves toward completion each selection makes the next one that much easier giving the funnel speed as it progresses.

Roaming around from store to store without direction or purpose is a fast way not to enjoy what should be an enjoyable experience.  Our staff of qualified Designers and Estimators will help make any project you are undertaking a joy as we work through the decisions that will turn a house into your home. 

We welcome you to click on the Contact tab above and schedule an appointment. We look forward to spending some time with you to see what you like and the vision you have for your HOME.